Raiser’s Edge NXT integration

Bring the most-loved nonprofit fundraising platform together with the relationship management software you trust. Sync Givebutter donations to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT with a dynamic integration powered by Omatic.

Nonprofits have long trusted Blackbaud donor management platforms—Raiser’s Edge NXT in particular—for quality donor profiles, transaction timelines, and other robust relationship management technology. However, for some organizations, Blackbaud fundraising software has started to feel a little dated. 

But thanks to a sophisticated integration between Givebutter and Raiser's Edge NXT—made possible by our friends at Omatic—you can offer your donors the modern look and feel of your favorite fundraising features without sacrificing your backend data needs. 

What can Raiser’s Edge NXT and Givebutter do together?

While Raiser’s Edge fundraising tools don’t quite stack up to Givebutter’s all-in-one fundraising solution, everyone can agree that Blackbaud CRM offerings are substantial, including wealth ratings to identify donors’ giving potential. Bringing these platforms together is a win-win. 💪

Givebutter does offer users a free nonprofit CRM that includes user-friendly donor profiles with timelines and tags, custom fields, and segmentation—plus integrations with wealth screening tools like DonorSearch. But for Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT customers who want to keep their donor management system in place, here’s what integration with Givebutter can do for you: 

  • Centralize 🏠 View all of your Givebutter campaigns, donations, and ticket purchase data inside Raiser's Edge.
  • Organize 🧹Add and update constituents, campaigns, appeals, and more in Raiser's Edge for every donation and ticket purchased on Givebutter.
  • Customize 🎨 Map your Givebutter custom fields to Raiser's Edge.
  • Sync ⚡️ Update campaigns in Raiser's Edge whenever you withdraw funds on Givebutter.

How to get started with Givebutter and Raiser’s Edge NXT integration

1. Create your account 🧈

Raiser’s Edge NXT customers just have to create a free Givebutter account to get started. Sign up →

2. Choose your fundraiser 💸

In your Givebutter dashboard, set up your first fundraising campaign, event, or donation form.

3. Configure via Omatic 🔌

The integration process from here is powered by the nonprofit software integration platform Omatic, which has its own pricing packages to consider. Contact Omatic for more details on how to set up the integration!

We like the flexibility and ease of creating and utilizing different campaigns within Givebutter. The integration with our website, social media channels, and our donor management software is seamless. Finally, the customer service has been excellent and accessible whenever we have needed it.

Robert Rund
Executive Director

Get started with Givebutter and Raiser's Edge NXT

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